Internet Marketing - iPAS2

The first ever comprehensive Internet Marketing franchise like business that makes  a difference and can lead to huge profits."

iPas2 is the first turn key / Franchised approach to making money on the internet.  It is truly the first comprehensive Internet Marketer that provides both novice and experienced Internet Marketer with a disciplined means to generating huge profits.  iPas2 is consolidating the highly fragmented internet marketing industry and making some sense of it, primarily because of it's ability to apply specific internet marketing tools in a disciplined way that generates revenue.

This highly targeted internet marketing business addresses three (3) specific and immediate needs of all online business owners.  First, it effectively promotes & markets an online business in the fog of the internet.  Second, it drives highly qualified leads (potential customers) to a business and third, it significantly increases the potential to generate revenue via a back end business opportunity.



iPas2 does not require any direct personal selling and is so highly automated that an individual can place it on autopilot and make moneyIt does, however, allow you to take advantage of multilevel-marketing(MLM), if you choose to accelerate or control the rate of growth.

Depending on the focus and interest of the Affiliate this internet marketing business can generate revenue for the Affiliate in two distinct ways 1. as a product - it provides the internet business owner with a  set of comprehensive, critical, state-of-the-art marketing tools at the lowest price point in the market today that allows the business owner to promote, measure and control their marketing campaign and  2. as a member - it allows you to promote iPas2, as either a marketing tool to other like minded Affiliate's or for resale to an existing internet business owner.   

Finally, iPas2 product offering puts the control of the internet marketing campaign squarely in the hands of the business owner and not in the hands of a third party.  It becomes the driver that promotes and creates "pull" demand for the products and services offered by an online business and directs highly qualified leads to the online businesses site.  It helps to Generate Revenue!

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