Board of Advisors

The Presidents Roundtable
"The Power of Knoweldge, Experience & Success"

The Presidents Roundtable is lead by Michael Salach, President of The Bay State Consulting Group, Inc. and is comprised of "like minded" Presidents & Owners of businesses of comparable size and complexity who are dedicated to assisting each other improve the overall performance of their business, but more importantly to insure that the member businesses are fundamentally sound and vital. 


The Board is chartered to assist other members evaluate, develop and introduce business strategies or operational initiatives that will support their overall goal to achieve a level of growth or profitability that they choose. 

The owners have been selected to participate in the Roundtable, because they have directly related business experience, are excellent practicioners, have demonstrated leadership skills and more importantly are willing to work together within a peer group to provide their insights and objective recommendations to assist each other on a personal and professional level. Ultimately, they help each other improve the performance increase the value and achieve the return on their businesses when the exit them.


The Presidents Roundtable, harnesses the power of knowledge, experience and success of business owners and assist other members develop their skills both personally and professionally.  As members of The Presidents Roundtable we are committed to transforming our membership into informed decision makers and ultimately put them in control of their busnesses.  This is achieved, first by listening and then by working with our members to design unique solutions that help them to optimize their growth and wealth potential.




The Presidents Roundtable Member Companies
Please feel free to contact any of the member companies

- Castaway Technologies, Cam Deery, President
- Cubicle Solutions, Inc. Daniel Fusco, President
- Ideal Office Solutions, Inc. , Marc Masone, President
- Metro Sign & Awning, Inc, Brian Chipman, President
- M&M Enterprises, Inc. - Kevin Crump, President
- P&L Financial Company - Paul Goldberg, President
- Statewide Communications, Inc, Mario Costa, President
- Uptack Heating & Air Conditioning, Lenny Hall, President