Consulting & Coaching

The Bay State Consulting Group, Inc.
"Transforming Businesses into High Performing Companies"

We serve the small, medium and large (SML) business markets, usuallly defined as companies whose sales range from $1M - $50M and or employ less than one hundred (100) employees.

Regardless of industry, market segment or size or business phase - most of our clients feel that they have either "lost control" of their businesses or that their businesses have transitioned from performing and profitable to underperforming and unprofitable.  Regardless, the result is that their businesses have lost anywhere from 1/3 to 2/3's  of it's "total economic value", Crisis Management is the rule and they need and want help.


What we do is simply help you identify the source of the problem and fix it.  Of course that's assuming that you have found us in time.  

How we do it is also simple.  We evaluate the "Performance Cycle", "Business Phase" and the "Overall Health" of your business. We introduce a blend of both strategic and tactical initiatives tailored to address the particular needs of the business and achieve agreed to operational and financial goals. Our efforts will result in increased productivity, efficencies, sales & profitability.  
We will also assit you to execute a plan that will not only address the immediate issues, but also prevent it from re-occuring in the future.

                                                    - Financial Review and Analysis
                                                    - Customer, Marketing & Channel Analysis
                                                    - Measurements of Key Performance Indicators
                                                    - Cash Management
                                                    - Restructuring - Financially or Organizationally
                                                    - Sales Managememnt & Training
                                                    - Cycle time Reductions 
                                                    - Product & Portfolio Management
                                                    - Management Evaluation
                                                    - LEAN & TQM Techniques

We have
develop a reputation for Excellence in Business Consulting, Executive Coaching, Turnaround Management & Interim Management assignments at the - CEO, COO level.   We help our clients achieve quantifiable results, as well as, sustain long term structural and financial health.  Because we are committed to customer satisfaction, we differentiate ourselves from our competitors by offering a limited guarantee our services.