Michael Salach is a trusted businessman, entrepreneur and educator who has created a single landing website www.michaelsalach.com that summarizes and integrates three distinct, but related businesses concepts that he owns.  These businesses have one and only one focus – accumulating and retaining wealth for individuals and business owners alike.

The intent of the site is to provide a common location where individuals can 1.easily and quickly familiarize themselves with the businesses that Michael has developed, 2.evaluate and assess the opportunities and 3.decide whether or not any of the these concepts can help them to accumulate the wealth that they want in the timeframe that they want it.


These businesses include a high grow global online internet services business, a business consulting & executive coaching practice and an advisory board for presidents and owners. 


The Presidents Roundtable 
“The Power of Knowledge, Experience and Success.”

The Presidents Roundtable is comprised of presidents and owners of non-competing business of comparable size and complexity.  The owners form a board of advisors who are committed to assist each other improve the performance of their businesses and increase the “total economic value" of their companies.  Colleagues provide differing perspectives that challenge traditional thought processes and offer practical options and alternatives to assist each in an open and cooperative setting. Topics discussed include M&A, debt restructuring and strategy formulation. For additional information, please visit www.thepresidentsroundtable.com



The Bay State Consulting Group, Inc.  
“Transforming Businesses into High Performing Companies”

is a business consulting & executive coaching practice that focuses primarily on the small, medium and large (SML) markets. We work with owners, Presidents, CEO's & COO's whose businesses have either outpaced their skills to run a more complex business or where growth has created unexpected structural problems. The mission of BSG is twofold 1. to improve the overall performance of a business, thereby, increasing the "total economic value" (accumulated wealth) of a owner and 2.prepare the owners to exit (sell or transfer) their businesses at an optimum value. We achieve this by addressing Strategy and implementing LEAN techniques.  For more information, please visit www.baystate-consulting.com



Home-Based Businesses
"A chance to succeed"

Industry statistics reveal that only 1% or 2% of all home based internet business owners are successful, really successful, but the remaining 98% or 99% wander aimlessly through the internet fog, jumping from one "opportunity" to another, using hope as a strategy while investing large sums of money with little or no return. If this sound familiar, please read on.

Two things are absolutely critical, if you are going to succeed on the Internet - first, you must have a Website and second, you must have a proven Internet Marketing System. 

Recently, BSC has partnered with two of the Premier Internet Businesses in the market today - Global Domains International recognized by INC 500, as the 37tth fastest growing internet businesses in the market and Internet Marketing Guru - Chris Jones and his Internet Marketing System - iPas2.  


Global Domain International, Inc.
“You can have anything that you want as long as, you are willing to help others obtain what they want first.” 

This exciting global online internet service business opportunity provides passive residual income and is ranked 37th by INC. 500, as one of the fastest growing businesses opportunities in the marketplace today. GDI does not require any direct personal selling and is so highly automated that an individual can place it on autopilot and make money. It does, however, allow you to take advantage of multi-level-marketing (MLM), if you choose to accelerate or control the rate of growth. What truly differentiates GDI from other internet business opportunities is that it targets a particular (highly focused) market to leverage both its brand and resources.  Client companies include: at&t, BMW, BOSE, Charles Schwab, Cisco, eBay, K-Mart, Kodak, Lucient Technologies, UPS and Yahoo.  For more information, please visit here or visit www.website.ws/michaelsalachgdi


"When understanding internet marketing & applying the proper tools makes the difference."

The mission of iPas2 is simply to educate, train and assist individuals to create a sustainable home based-business that provides above average returns. 

How does iPas2 differentiate itself from others? 
Unlike other offerings, iPas2 offers a fully integated Internet Marketing System that has been developed and tested through trial and error and perfected so that it can be replicated and  generate consistent and predictable results.



Unfortunately there are no gurantees and we make none, however, the revenue goal is a minimum of $50,000.00 per year for evey one in the iPas2 System.

If you would like more information about how to generate a sustainable home-based business income, please visit IMTrainingPros.com

Remember “Tomorrow is not a day of the week”, so act now, if you truly want to protect or increase your Wealth.